Updated 28/09/20


REMINDER: As per Government order, any person whose main residential address (as per site licence) is not in the Vale of Glamorgan must vacate the site by 6pm today. Many thanks for your cooperation.


RECEIVED 24/09/20

If your site is NOT in a local lockdown area the following will apply:

You can accept guests from England

You can accept guests from Welsh counties that have not been put in lockdown (an up to date list of Welsh Lockdowns is available here - https://gov.wales/local-lockdown )

New guests should not be accepted where their home address is in a lockdown area, if new guests arrive on site from locked down areas they should be turned away and reported to the police via 101.

If you have guests on site who arrived after lockdown was imposed in their home area they should be asked to leave and reported to the police via 101.

If you have guests who arrived well before a lockdown was imposed in their home area and they have not returned there and can remain in their accommodation for the foreseeable future (this will generally apply to private caravan owners only) then they may remain on site but if they do return home at any point they should not be accepted back on site.


If your site IS in a local lockdown area the following will apply:

ALL guests who do not have a home address within the same County as the site must leave.

You can accept new guests ONLY IF their home address is in the same lockdown area (County) as the site.



Drain down forms are now available and can be downloaded below or collected from the park office. A discounted price is being offered to those caravan owners off site during the national Lockdown earlier in the year. Please do not panic if you are currently at home in an area under local lockdown restrictions - a drain down can be arranged and paid for on the telephone with the form completed by park staff. Should the Vale of Glamorgan be placed under local lockdown restrictions itself, in the same manner a drain down can be arranged over the telephone.

Drain Down Form 2020/21




Please note that the entire caravan park will be without electricity during the winter close down period (Dec/Jan) so essential works can be carried out. Please plan accordingly (i.e. empty fridges, freezers, unplug appliances etc.).


Due to the current situation in Wales with local lockdowns taking place, any persons from areas covered by a local lockdown should remain at their home addresses, and should not travel to the caravan park. Any persons already at the caravan park that have not been home should update the park office as to their intentions. Should a local lockdown be put in place for the Vale of Glamorgan we would insist that all caravan owners return to the addresses provided on their site license.

For further guidance: https://gov.wales/local-lockdown


May we please remind you that from today - 14 September 2020 - face coverings are compulsory in all indoor public places/shops - this includes the park office and launderette.

Also, we have received concerns from some of you that some caravan owners (and their visitors) are travelling to the caravan park from areas currently in lockdown - in direct violation of current Government directive. If you live in an area currently subject to a local lockdown you SHOULD NOT travel to the caravan park - you are also putting the health and safety of everyone at risk.

Please note it is our responsibility to pass on the information of anyone who continues to ignore Government advice/directive to the relevant authorities.

The Coronavirus pandemic continues to be a relevant and ongoing concern, and we are doing our best to keep everyone safe while adhering to all Government and local council rules and directives.

Many thanks for your continued support and cooperation.

The Bay Caravan Park

UPDATE: The Launderette is now open with a booking system in operation through the Park Office.

A reminder also that at this busy time of year all SECOND VEHICLES and all VISITORS must park in the OVERFLOW car park. This will be monitored, but your cooperation and assistance is appreciated as this is for the benefit of all Caravan Owners.

Finally, please remember you are responsible for your visitors - this includes letting them on and off of the caravan park using your white barrier card. This is to support NHS TRACK AND TRACE.

PLEASE NOTE: The Park Office is currently only accepting payments via credit/debit card. No cash. Many thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Thankyou to all of you who have kindly supported Marie Curie and bought raffle tickets from the office. Due to the park closure we will be taking down the easter hamper as the prize. When the site re-opens we will replace it with a fresh hamper and all previous raffle tickets bought will be honoured.

The newly refurbished shop is now open and well stocked. Please pop into the park office for your grocery needs!